Re: Just what we didn't need:

From: toni welsh (
Sat Feb 17 21:20:46 2001

At Fri, 9 Feb 2001, Helen Chalmers wrote: >
>There was a show tonight with Barbara Walters about Oxycontin and how it
>has become the "new high" with the teenagers. How a doctor in Ohio was
>prescribing them to everyone all over the country. How the drug was
>being abused, how this young handsome husband died from an overdose of
>oxycontin and how one pill could go for $100.00 on the street. How we
>needed to keep this pill under control. How addictive the drug was, and
>once started, one one would only go on to higher and higher doses to get
>One step backwards for the chronic pain patient. I have to take
>oxycontin to relieve the pain from my adhesions. It is the one drug
>that does relieve most of my pain. It is usually prescribed for cancer
>pain patients, but seems very effective in treating adhesion sufferers
>also, as I have seen a lot of ARD members prescribed the drug.
>Just wanted to drop a line to say well, if it were hard before to get
>help with narcotic pain medication, it is only going to get harder, as
>every week it seems as though they will run a story regarding the
>addiction of one pain medication or another, but never a story regarding
>how much it helps those that suffer in chronic pain.
>Helen Chalmers
>I have missed something here, as I have never gotten high from any pain
>medication I have been on. I do believe that it has helped releave my
>pain, but high, no, never!! experienced that.
>Helen Chalmers

I agree I take oxycontin also, amd I am no where near addicted to it! These kind of drugs just need to be taken the way they are prescribed!


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