Re: pain after adhesion surgery

From: Kate Murphy (
Sun Feb 18 09:47:19 2001

On 17 Feb 2001, at 22:13, Joy wrote:

> I had a lysis of adhesions done on February 6 and I have a few questions
> I would like to have answered . When the doc did my surgery, he found
> many more adhesions than he thought he woulg find, and in many areas of
> my stomach , I feel like a new woman, but just above my incision(sp) I
> am in a lot of pain( the area is just above my belly button and right
> between my ribs) the area feels kind of hard and hurts to touch and also
> hurts when I walk, my back is also very sore.

If this is new pain since the surgery, call the doctor and disturb him -- or whoever is covering for him -- on the weekend. Surgeons expect that you will have problems and provide coverage!

Not everything is adhesion pain! Are you running a fever?

Healing does take time. After my last surgery I had enough pain for the Vicodan for about three weeks . . . and do remember toward the end of the time getting scared that I might run out of pills. Then, surprise, fewer and fewer pills and then the pain was pretty much gone.

However, there is always the chance of infection. So call the doctor.


Kate Murphy

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