Re: Here is to 'HANGING IN'

From: Kate Murphy (
Fri Feb 9 07:39:46 2001

On 9 Feb 2001, at 6:09, Pam Markford wrote:

>Now on a positive note I think we all should also share our
> "Priceless Days" maybe a couple of stories a day sure would lift spirits
> don't you all think? Something to think about for all of us. I am going
> to try to remember all of my priceless moments today!
> Here is a smile to yours!!!!!! :)

Several years ago I started a Gratitude Journal which I pick up and then forget about every few months. This particular journal is a calendar book with dates that can be "recirculated" -- that is, they are not tied to a particular day of the week.

My goal now is to fill all the pages. February is empty. I must have had the journal at the bottom of the pile that month for the past two years.

So I begin again writing for February 8th: Rollies successful heart surgery, 7 years of no cancer (had appointment with gyn-onc on Tuesday that was completely routine), a pink peony candle, Nancy and Jim (two folks from church who bring a meal each week, talk, and help with a chore or two around the house),Tom! (Tom's my husband. The exclamation point is for so many special things.)

In September sometime, (who knows there are no yearly dates) I wrote: A completely quiet day to look forward, Internet: a place to connect, get things done for future if I can't move easily, the Lake cold enough to calm and refresh me in a time of exhaustion and fear ...

Get a pretty journal or calendar -- they're cheap now if you can find one for 2001. Every day write down 3 to 5 things that you are grateful for. Writing them down will cheer you, reading them again will strengthen you.

Six whacks of a wet piece of spagetti for not remembering to do this EVERY day.

Love from Kate Kate Murphy

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