Re: Aunts (Denise) Adhesions

From: toni welsh (
Fri Feb 9 09:48:15 2001

At Thu, 8 Feb 2001, Angi wrote: >
>Thank you for your comments. Its nice to know that there is people out
>there. Janet I hope your surgery goes well on March 15. I will keep
>you in my prayers. My aunt (Denise) is not educated on email. I need
>to teacher her. But, with her living in Ohio and me in Georgia its
>hard. I will however, print the messages and fax them to her.
>She means the world to me. She wanted me to ask you all, "after you
>have surgery what is the chances of adhensions coming back?"
>Janet having this surgery in March. Will it take away your pain? Do you
>have any information on what they will do and how it will benefit you?
>If so privately email me and I will give you my Fax number. Its nice to
>able to speak with someone that knows something about this. Im just
>trying to get all the information I can.
>Im afraid that my aunt(Denise) is going deeper into depression. I cant
>let that happen to her.
>Please keep her in your prayers. I know with Gods help things will work
>out for her.
>I was reading your ariticle about adhesions. I have a aunt who is 29 years old. She has had between 15 to 20 surgerys in 7 years. She has internal scar tissue that is so bad, the doctors said, "its like a cob web spreading inside her."
>They are now giving her Oxycotton (synthetic herion) for the pain. And is treating her like a cancer patient. I dont know what to do for her. I have called Doctors and hospitals in her area. They all treat me as though they had no clue what Im talking about. If you have any suggestions Please let me know


Where in Ohio is your aunt from, I live in Cinti. There is a dr here that I saw a couple of years ago, but I do not kow if you would like him. His name is Dr Semertzidies, and he did help someone on this forum. He told me it would probably take 5 to 6 surgeries for him to take care of me, and I am looking for a dr who says he can take care of me ONE time.

But everyone is different. I was having some trouble last night, I had taken a LARGE dose of senekot the night before, and my bowels would not move. I told my husband I have had enough, I get like this every now and then, and now I amdisgusted. I ate lentils last night, they are full of fiber, and more senekot, and prune juice, but at bingo last night I was having alot of pain.

I really do not know if my body can take another operation, I just a so tired, the mental strain is getting to me now. But I am hanging in there, and trying to do the things I enjoy. I do bowl on Friday night, I had to go back to it, I need to try to live my life the way I used to. I suffer the week end, and now our antique business on the side is picking up. My husband needs my help. And I enjot it too. I hope your aunt finds the right drs.

What dose of oxycontin does your aunt take? I am now taking 20 mgs three times a day, and still am not pain free. I think I have taken long enough it no longer helps me, and it makes the constipation worse. I amm sorry I have rambled on like this, but I have had a few bad days, and my drs just will not listen. I see the gyn that did my surgeries the last 8 years, and see what he says now. It is just my yearly gyn appt, but we do talk about things. At leats he listens. He is not the dr who did all the gyn surgery when I was youger, I found him too late. Of course he is my age so he was not a dr when I had my son yerars ago.. He was my first surgery. He was C section, and the troubles came from the tubal ligaton, and 2 years later I had them put back together which took 5 and half hours by micro surgery to do that. That dr never then told me about adhesions forming. They were all stupid back then.

My sister is doing great. I am so glad she has done so well. She goes to the GI dr today for the hepatitis, he thinks it is from Crohns disease.

Love to all, Toni

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