Re: Kate...about Ensure

From: Kate Murphy (
Fri Feb 9 07:39:43 2001

On 9 Feb 2001, at 1:53, Robyne Hinks wrote:

> Dear Janet I have most of my bowel removed and a Professor of
> gastroenterology told me the worst thing I can do for my body is to take soy
> products.They are very hard to digest and when you have a sluggish
> bowel,lazy bowel bowel obstructions or partial obstructions then you should
> stay clear of them


Thanks for this information. I have avoided Soy because of its estrogen like properties. I have had breast cancer and avoid estrogen. However, it is used in lots of products for the lactose intolerant and is often suggested as an alternative.

Knowing that it is difficult to digest is important. Thanks.


Kate Murphy

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