Here is to 'HANGING IN'

From: Pam Markford (
Fri Feb 9 05:08:47 2001

Dear Teresa and all of us, Remember that unfortunately there are still medical personel that are obliviious to the amount of pain that adhesion cause! Save your energy and pray for them to get educated. (Can you believe I am a nurse talking about other nurses this way!) But if the shoe fits then not only wear it but learn to wear it the right way! Teresa concentrate with talking to your doctor and DO NOT waste your precious energy with the nurse. I would however, mention to your doctor the nurse's attitude towards your pain medication request so that you are not confronted with that attitude again! NO one deserves to be treated like that when you are suffering, especially. Please don't get discouraged just use it for FYI in the future when you call ask the receptionist if you could leave a message to have the doctor to call you back if the nurse can't have a change of heart! Hang in thee and continue to write to us many if not all of us know how you feel and some days that knowledge is priceless, right ! Now on a positive note I think we all should also share our "Priceless Days" maybe a couple of stories a day sure would lift spirits don't you all think? Something to think about for all of us. I am going to try to remember all of my priceless moments today! Here is a smile to yours!!!!!! :)

In Loving Friendship,
     Pam Markford

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