Re: Crazy enzyme treatment suggestion?!

From: Zoe (
Thu Feb 8 06:40:40 2001

Thanks Jenny, I'll asked today and get back to you. Z

At Thu, 8 Feb 2001, jenny low wrote: >
>Hi Zoe,
>I've never heard of either of those enzymes. How are they administered? Are
>they oral or by injections? Ask if they are available in the states?
>Do you have to have a prescription or is it something you could get at a
>health food store? I don't know. Just thought I would throw in some
>questions that you could ask. I hope you find out something good!
>>From: (Zoe)
>>To: Multiple recipients of list ADHESIONS
>>Subject: Crazy enzyme treatment suggestion?!
>>Date: Wed, 7 Feb 2001 11:35:38 -0600
>>Hi all,
>>I was talking to a Pharmacologist today and he said that the enzyme
>>"Serratia Paptidase" is very effective for breaking down surgical
>>adhesions! He also named the enzyme " Hyaluronidase" as a treatment too.
>>Have any of you heard about this at all? He seemed to think that it was
>>definately a way to go rather than surgery.
>>Please comment.
>>He's only around for a week so I need to pick his brains as much as
>>possible about it. So please send me any questions you might have.
>>Zoe (UK)


Zoe (UK)

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