Re: Crazy enzyme treatment suggestion?!

From: jenny low (
Thu Feb 8 02:26:35 2001

Hi Zoe,

I've never heard of either of those enzymes. How are they administered? Are they oral or by injections? Ask if they are available in the states? Do you have to have a prescription or is it something you could get at a health food store? I don't know. Just thought I would throw in some questions that you could ask. I hope you find out something good!

Hugs, Jenny

>From: (Zoe)
>To: Multiple recipients of list ADHESIONS
>Subject: Crazy enzyme treatment suggestion?!
>Date: Wed, 7 Feb 2001 11:35:38 -0600
>Hi all,
>I was talking to a Pharmacologist today and he said that the enzyme
>"Serratia Paptidase" is very effective for breaking down surgical
>adhesions! He also named the enzyme " Hyaluronidase" as a treatment too.
>Have any of you heard about this at all? He seemed to think that it was
>definately a way to go rather than surgery.
>Please comment.
>He's only around for a week so I need to pick his brains as much as
>possible about it. So please send me any questions you might have.
>Zoe (UK)

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