Re: Kate...about Ensure

From: Kate Murphy (
Thu Feb 8 06:46:18 2001

On 7 Feb 2001, at 11:55, Janet Karam wrote:

> Dear Kate,
> I drink a meal replacement drink called balance, it's not as high in sugar,
> each drink has 15 g of protien(I thought if low protien would help you avoid
> bloating.


Look to see if the drink is milk based. That will cause bloating in the lactose intolerant. Some are soy based and shouldn't cause the same bloating.

Of course, bloating can be caused when the intestinal movement is very slow or there are partial blockages and gas builds in the intestines.

I think this is very much a matter of trial and error, finding what foods go down and stay down and don't cause pain. I wish I had the answer.


Kate Murphy

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