Do not know what to do

From: chris (
Thu Feb 1 13:45:30 2001

Hello Everyone, I am sitting here feeling really angry and just do not know what to do....I suffer from adhesions and have had 5 different surgeries, my last surgery was to remove an ovarian remnant and adhesions, the surgery was Dec8,2000 well the doctor removed the ovarian tissue but for some reason I felt like something was not right so I decided to get my hormones checked and the levels came back showing I was not in menapause, I was upset but the doctor said because the levels were alittle higher I should take the hormones, well I have still not feeling right I just never took them and I told the doctor I wanted my levels checked and so he order them again and I got the result back today and now the levels have dropped to the point the doctor was shocked to see them, because they are lower then they are before surgery so that mean my body is making more then enough hormones on it's own without pills.....I feel like I have had 2 surgeries for no reason, one surgery was to remove the ovary and then to remove the ovarian remnant, and now I find out that I still have ovaian function again....I really just do not know what to do or think anymore......thanks for listening to me.....chris

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