Re: Giving Up!!

From: jenny low (
Thu Feb 1 13:51:54 2001


Don't give up! Keep pressing in! Get your phone book out and start calling those doctors. I would call until I found one who satisfied you. I think sometimes these doctors forget who pays them. We are paying for their services. Surely there is at least one doctor in your area who will do the surgery that you want. I know it is easy to get discouraged. I was that way yesterday just trying to get in to see my own doctor. I cried for 2 days. Luckily, they decided to schedule my surgery without me even seeing him. I am having surgery Feb. 16 with my gyn and a general surgeon. They are going to use a special tool that is supposed to remove the adhesions. THere is a 50/50 chance of them coming back. At this point I am ready to take that chance. Anything is better than the pain I am in now. I go for my pre-op visit Feb 14. Other than that, I haven't seen my doctor since November. I guess if you don't find a doctor there, you can come stay at my house and I will take you to my doctor! He has been wonderful and never has he ever doubted me when I have said I was in pain in te 10 1/2 years I have gone to him. If you need to talk, feel free to email me. It's okay to have your cry and be frustrated. Then get back on that phone. There's got to be a doctor out there for you somewhere.

Big, big hugs to you, Jenny

>From: (Brokenwing)
>To: Multiple recipients of list ADHESIONS
>Subject: Giving Up!!
>Date: Thu, 1 Feb 2001 12:34:56 -0600
>Well I just got home from a new surgeons office
>and it was the same old thing. We will not touch
>you until you have an obstruction. Take these
>pills for the pain and we will see you in a
>couple weeks. My husband got so mad and I was
>so upset that we just walked out of the office
>without making another appointment. I don't want
>to take anymore pills!! All I have ever wanted was
>for someone to at least try and fix the pain and
>suffering that seems to control my entire life.
>I really hate the Dr. that did this to me 6 years
>ago when he did my tubaligation, he was fresh out
>of Med school. It was supposed to be a simple
>surgery instead it turned out to be my worse
>nightmare I was in surgery for two and a half
>hours and I came out with a ceasarean cut and
>a two inch cut from my belly button and
>hospitalized over night ,then the incisions
>got infected and I was layed up for 8 weeks with
>a newborn baby and a 5 year old to try and take
>care of. I have had severe adhesions since.
>I have had adhesions removed,total hysterectomy,
>and my appendex removed and they said they flipped
>my sigmoid colon back to the left side where it
>was supposed to be??? I now have lost all faith
>in the Medical Profession! Just like my husband
>said today Drs. don't want to operate on people with adhesions because
>that would mean they would have to
>actually do some time consuming work it is much easier
>to yank something out of someone then to try and fix it!!!
>I am at the end of my rope!!! My husband asked me
>not to give up on myself but I don't think I can hang
>on much longer. I am just so tired!~Brokenwing~

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