Re: Do not know what to do

From: Dee (
Thu Feb 1 18:38:39 2001

Hey Chris don't give up... The 3rd time is the charm!!! I had my ovaries removed by laparascopy after breast cancer treatment sent them into overdrive creating cysts ... instantaneous menopause was a wonderful experience! Three months later I had a laparotomy to remove multiple ovarian remnants and the cysts that had formed on them and my bowel, and adhesions. So I went through menopause again. A year later I was sent to another specialist for ovarian remnant syndrome. I had more remnants and cysts, and hormone levels not associated with menopause. This wonderful man put me on fertility drugs for 3 days prior to surgery. This finally did the trick! My 3rd time through menopause was the last. It has been 5 years now. Unfortunately these 3 surgeries plus 5 previous laparatomies resulted in adhesions that have left me... well you all know how adhesions leave you...

Have you considered contacting Drs. Redan and Reich in PA? I am having surgery with them later this month. They are adhesion specialists and experienced in ovarian remnant syndrome. Feel free to email me if I can be of any help to you. Remember you are not alone! Hugs to you! Dee

At Thu, 1 Feb 2001, chris wrote: >
>Hello Everyone, I am sitting here feeling really angry and just do not
>know what to do....I suffer from adhesions and have had 5 different
>surgeries, my last surgery was to remove an ovarian remnant and
>adhesions, the surgery was Dec8,2000 well the doctor removed the ovarian
>tissue but for some reason I felt like something was not right so I
>decided to get my hormones checked and the levels came back showing I
>was not in menapause, I was upset but the doctor said because the levels
>were alittle higher I should take the hormones, well I have still not
>feeling right I just never took them and I told the doctor I wanted my
>levels checked and so he order them again and I got the result back
>today and now the levels have dropped to the point the doctor was
>shocked to see them, because they are lower then they are before surgery
>so that mean my body is making more then enough hormones on it's own
>without pills.....I feel like I have had 2 surgeries for no reason, one
>surgery was to remove the ovary and then to remove the ovarian remnant,
>and now I find out that I still have ovaian function again....I really
>just do not know what to do or think anymore......thanks for listening
>to me.....chris

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