Trying to get courage

From: toni welsh (
Wed May 24 08:45:03 2000

I have had alot of abdomenal bloating the lsat few days, and last night I could not even button my jeans or sit. I have never had this before, I was taking senekot every night, and stopped doing this, I had alot of pain last week, and now I know that the abdomen is getting bigger, and I am so tired of running to the drs. I am treating this all myself, and I told my husband the fear of surgery is so great, and trying to stop smokoing so I can do it. I have been in alot of pain lately, and the bowels not moving is REALLY getting to me. I am under alot of other stress, and this is getting to me.

My husband even said he has never seen my stomach like it was last night, the bowels did move some today, and it is painful, this I know has to be from the intestines being stuck to the abdomenal wall, and I just cannot get the nerve to call the gyn to set up the suregry with the general surgeon. Do I keep suffering until this terrible fear of dying goes away, I do not know why I am feeling this way! I am even thinking of igving up pain clinic, the meds are not helping, and they change nothing.

frustrated, Toni

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