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Helen, After reading the above message, all I wanted to do was cry(again) Again, this confirms how badly I was treated by my gyno. The thing that P***es me off is NOT the operations, although I am beginning to reconsider the necessity of my hysterectomy, it was the condescending way I was treated.

Here's an example: 8 weeks after my hysterectomy I ended up back in the hospital. It felt like there was a tennis ball inside, if I did a Kegel squeeze. After a week of testing, it was diagnosed as a "pocket of fluid" which they went in, thru my vaginal cuff, and drained. I was sent home 2 days later.

I was home for 2 weeks, and then the feeling came back. I went to his office and they did an ultrasound. He took me in his office and apologized profusely, he said "I'm so sorry, I feel so embarrassed. You have to go to the hospital again". He called his collegue in the hospital and made arrangements for me to be met.

I went into the ER, waited about 3 hours, sent my Mother home, and finally I was seen. Immediately, the Dr. gave me 75 mg of Demerol. At that time my resistance wasn't as I as it was now, and I was FLYING. They had never given me that much before. I found out why.

The Dr. tried to break the pocket of fluid by pushing with his fingers inside of me and his palm on my abdomen. The pain was indescribable and the only reason I didn't pass out was because I was SCREAMING & crying "Stop! Don't , your hurting me! Stop, Stop, Stop!" I have never screamed during a medical exam in my life. He wouldn't stop. I tried to get off the table, I tried to take a swing at him. It seemed like it went on forever.

Finally, he stopped. He said "I'm sorry it hurt, but we had to try" I felt like I was raped. I was hysterical. I called my Mother sobbing & incoherent.

They admitted me to the hospital. They were going to drain the fluid again. I asked "This time are you going to put a drain in?" Last time they didn't, the fluid was still collecting and it healed over, this is why it reoccurred. They put a drain in and collected the fluid. It looked like urine. They were concerned it was so they injected Methiolate Blue into my IV. If it was urine, the fluid they were collecting would have turned blue-green Again, I'm yelling. It BURNED like acid going thru my veins. The Resident who was directed to do this said "No wonder we always do this why the patient is under anesthesia."

Yeah, these guys were idiots, but they still persisted in treating ME like one. Aside from a brief follow-up I never went back to them. Of course that was because, when the pain came back they told me "You no longer have female organs, so you no longer need to be seen by a Gynocologist"

But THAT'S another story. Tracy

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