Re: Trying to get courage

Sun May 28 00:25:20 2000

Toni: It sounds like you're in a great deal of pain. I'm not sure, of course (I'm not any kind of medical professional), but it sounds to me that your current situation with the bloating, little or no stool, pain so bad you feel like you're going to fall out of yourself, can't sit but only on your haunches. A few years ago I hadn't had a BM for 9 days & decided to finally go the ER. They took an exray & found that I was "full of s**t" (nurse's quote). They admitted me for the weekend & made me drink 4 litres of this stuff called Colytely (pronounced ko-lite-ly). It worked but it was awful. Only I haven't had to go back to have it done again yet. This was back in the early or mid-90's. Have you tried enemas? Fleet has one with mineral oil added. There's also the Fleet Prep Kit (my box has a "1" on it). This is what I was given for my last sigmoidoscopy. It cleanses you out, trust me! I hope some of this helps you, Toni. I always do whatever I can possibly think of the keep my self having BMs...the payoff is small but better than the alternative (hospitals & drs). Good Luck, Toni. If I think od anything else, I'll pas it on to you. Blessed Be...Karla B.

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