I feel so grateful!!

From: Helen Chalmers (hchalm@aol.com)
Mon May 15 14:58:01 2000

I just wanted to let everyone know that since my trip to Virginia, Dulles Pain Management Clinic, that I have been doing fine and do have a quality of life now that I have been able to be on a pain management system. After I found this site, things progressed so fast for me that I am so grateful. I have only been an IAS member since March and have found so much help and assistance. My surgery with Dr. Reich and Redan is scheduled for June 19th. so I have a lot to look forward to. Dr. Redan has scheduled me with another IAS member for the same day, so we will have one another for support. Isn't that wonderful? I will put a post up when the surgery gets near so everyone can say a prayer for us on this special day. I feel blessed to have found this site. My husband keeps saying, boy are lucky!! We shall see; I am very optimistic!!!

Helen Chalmers

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