Re: I feel so grateful!!

Mon May 15 16:05:13 2000

Oh I am soooo happy for you Helen!!! I will be praying for the both of you but I already know you are in good hands; both above AND here on earth!!! I just wish mine were near that time!!! I won't be getting my surgery until September (my office said that if I took the time now, I would have to use all my sick and vacation time and if it is longer than that, it will be leave without pay and we TRULY cannot afford that!!! Soooooooooooo, that means September. One thing that keeps me panting though, is to share in the trips alot of you will be making to the hands of Drs. Reich and Redan. We are TRULY BLESSED that God has heard our prayers and blessed the hands of these two men who together with God, sets about to heal our broken and battered bodies and minds!!!! How can we think anything else? Have not all of us prayed for some kind of help? Our voices carried up to Heaven just as the Jews called on Him before they were freed. I do not propose that what we experience is on the severe level of the Jews' plight, I am just using this example of a people in pain and distress. We have overcome!!!! It will take time for the Drs. to get to all of us, but believe me, we WILL!!!! Continue to have the faith people, do whatever you have to do to get the surgery -- I am!! I am breaking into my 401K to get it done but what good is having money when I retire when I may not be here to enjoy it? I can assure you, there is absolutely would NOT have been able to continue this into my golden years, NO WAY!!!! That scares me because I would have lost control and that would have been a disaster!!! Anyway, keep chins up and prayers held high; they ARE getting answered!!!!!!! Love to my family, yours in Christ, Laura.

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> I just wanted to let everyone know that since my trip to Virginia,
> Dulles Pain Management Clinic, that I have been doing fine and do have a
> quality of life now that I have been able to be on a pain management
> system. After I found this site, things progressed so fast for me that
> I am so grateful. I have only been an IAS member since March and have
> found so much help and assistance. My surgery with Dr. Reich and Redan
> is scheduled for June 19th. so I have a lot to look forward to. Dr.
> Redan has scheduled me with another IAS member for the same day, so we
> will have one another for support. Isn't that wonderful? I will put a
> post up when the surgery gets near so everyone can say a prayer for us
> on this special day. I feel blessed to have found this site. My
> husband keeps saying, boy are lucky!! We shall see; I am very
> optimistic!!!
> --
> Helen Chalmers

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