Re: sever endo, three surgerys and finally complete hyst....problems with scar tissue...

From: Helen Chalmers (
Mon May 15 14:40:48 2000

At Mon, 15 May 2000, judy wrote: >Hello, To me it sounds as tho' your adhesions are back. I too had a hysterectomy and experience pain from my incision site to my right side (my bowel) and up under my right rib. No doctor can guarantee that your adhesions will not return. There are many people here that have had multible surgeries for adhesions, only to have them return immediately or weeks, months, or years after surgery. I would definitely have this checked out, perhaps by another doctor, and then consult the many experienced IAS members here before proceeding with perhaps another surgery for adhesions.

>hi, i have a burning question...last year i had a complete hyst...and
>while the doctor was in there....he removed a ton of scar tissue which
>was wrapping itself around my the point of almost cutting it
>off...anyhow....he told me that after the surgery, that i wouldn't have
>a problem with scar tissue...i think its back...i've had pulling,burning
>pain on my right side, near my appendix scar and c-sect/hyst
>scar...corresponding with my scaral hurting...would like to know if
>anyone else is experencing this, if so, what did you do to get
>release?...or is this a cronic problem i will have to live with?...any
>help will be greatly appricated....

Helen Chalmers

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