Re: Im a mess

From: Robin (
Tue Apr 11 08:32:30 2000

Dear Jaynie, I am so sorry about your dad's passing away. If it has only been 3 weeks, you still have a lot of grieving to do. Dont let anyone take that away from you! It is ok for you to cry! Try to take care of yourself first. It sounds like you have a wonderful husband, let him help you through this. I understand exactly what you are going through with the pain and the greif. Robin

At Tue, 11 Apr 2000, Jaynie Jarvis wrote: >
>I haven't been around in about 2 months. My dad got sick and died about
>3 weeks ago. Now I have no parents. I am sure I am not alone. So that
>has thrown me wako !!! Of course increased pain with he extra stress.I
>have done every alternative treatment I can think of and so far no
>relief. I was going to a great P.T. but even she said she could do no
>more for me that it was the adhesions. She did teach me how to lesson
>my pain by relaxing my pelvic muscle. But that is just temporary. It
>helps with the constipation and not being able to empty my bladder
>completly. Even my new alternative care person thinks I should have an
>operation then she thinks she can help to prevent further ones. I also
>have endo.I am at the end of my rope have had unhealthy thoughts. I'm
>sure I am not alone there either. I had such great hopes for this last
>treatment. So what to do ? I see there is quite a few of the gals going
>under the knife. Maybe we are having our spring cleaning ! I live in
>Seattle area and a Dr. Barbara Levy is in Federal Way not far from here
>and she is in the same surgical group as Dr Reich. And isn't Reich
>suppose to be the best laporscopic surgeon in the world? If that is true
>and we have angel flights maybe I should just go to him. Or is she just
>as good. Maybe Helen can help me out with this one please. I liked
>Levy enough , have only seen her 2 times I think, She is hung up on
>sexual abuse and asumes I have been abused. I see her May 1st. Before
>this one I am going to become a believe that ist will work and eat good
>and all that so I have a better chance of healing faster I hope.
>Yesterday I was going to the physc ward but I was afraid they would take
>my pain meds away and let me hurt. I have wanted to just run away
>because My husband would be better off withot me. All I do is cry or
>sleep or be mean. Of course he assures me he couldn't live without me.I
>wish I could go away by myself for a week or something, but I can't
>because then with so much grief and pain and saddness I could get all
>confussed and do something I would never do with a sound mind and body.
>I did get away kinda. I took a zanax and slept for 21 hours. I could
>hardly get out of bed my joints and muscles were very stiff. But what a
>nice escape. Alot of bull going on over my parents possessions. I just
>can't handle it. I need someone to do it for me and told them to just
>write me a check when the money comes. I have my dads pocket knife let
>them fight over the rest I guess, because I can't handle it. They
>forget my life is full of pain and stress. They forget I am even sick.
>Sorry to get of our subject. But Here's to our SPRING CLEANING !!!!


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