thank-you & Help Helen

From: Jaynie Jarvis (
Tue Apr 11 12:54:37 2000

Thanks so much for your kind words. I have missed the message board so much. I have been afraid alot. Today I am going to be brave and go get some of my parents things I would like to have. The fright comes from my sister, who I think is mentally sick, and lives at the house. She is very volital and controlling. She talks to me with no respect and always has a hidden agenda. Here I go ! I told my friends I was not going to go but they said I would regret it. Your messages brought me tears of joy and I know I am not alone. Thanks my friends, Jaynie

PS Helen I can't find the gal you said to get in contact with to get info. on how to see Dr.Reich. And would like your opinion on whether to let Levy do it or fly to the other side of the continent. Thanks JJ

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