so happy with my new dr.

From: Robin (
Tue Mar 28 14:32:57 2000

I am just so happy with my new dr. I went to visit her yesterday & asked what the old dr wrote in my file. She actually gave me a copy of it. The old dr just thought I was addicted to the pain meds, & thought that I was hopping from one dr to the next to get drugs! In his report in my file, he twisted everything around that I said. I am very upset about the fact that this is in my permanate medical file. I have talked to my new dr and my pharmasist that I have been going to for 20 years & an anathesiologist friend of mine that has been with me for most of my surgeries, & they all agreed that I am not addicted to the meds. That really makes me feel better, but I just wish I could go back to that dr, & tell him how I felt. I think that drs need a lot more training in caring for patients who have pain. A person that is addicted to pain meds as used for drugs to get high, dont use the same pharmasist for 20 years. I have gotten all but 2 prescribtions filled at the same place. One I had to get on a Sunday when my pharmacy is closed, for an eye problem & the other was for pain meds, because, my insurance co, was telling me how many pills I could take.


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