Re: surgerymistakes

Tue Mar 28 16:49:55 2000

Jessica, Thanks for a great letter. I feel so bad for you that all this has happened, but you have learned from your mistakes and by writing your letter hopefully helped many people to research and ask questions before any procedure. I learned this the hard way too. Thanks to advice from others I now write any and all questions I have and don't let them hurry me through until I understand the answers. I recently waited three weeks for an appointment with a doctor at the Cleveland Clinic and was treated horribly and rudely. He was even rude to my husband and then ordered ten horrible unnecessary tests. I went right home and wrote a letter to him and faxed it telling him how rude and inconsiderate he was not to mention unsympathetic and incompetent. I told him that there will come a time in his life when he will need medical care and I hoped that he got a doctor who treated him with the same indifference he treated me. It was really quite mean and not like me, but I did get an apology letter so maybe it did have some impact. If not, I am sure all the nurses and office staff got a big laugh out of it! People who truly understand adhesions and the pain and suffering they cause are hard to find. It took me a long time, but they are out there. Keep looking and my best wishes are with you. Ginni

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