Re: Bladder Problems

From: Robin (
Tue Mar 28 14:10:34 2000

I went to the dr yesterday & talked with her about it, she seems to think that it is prolapesed ( fallen) She wants to send me to a specialist, & thinks that it probably needs to be tacked back up, but I would like to wait & have any surgeries all together. I hope we will find a dr to use the adhesion barriers. Then I could have just one surgery but with 2 drs. (killing 2 birds with one stone) I also talked with her about the big C,,,,,,,,,constipation. She is getting me a prescription for something, I will let you know how well it works, or if it doesnt. Hugs, Robin

At Mon, 27 Mar 2000, wrote: >
>Great advice, Ginni! I already have always drank ALOT of water & the
>oproblem persists. Although I have seen a dr or two about it. Nothing's
>been done. Just another thing to have to live with. Karla B.


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