Re: is everyone okay?

From: alanbaleyko (
Wed Mar 22 07:00:02 2000

Hi Toni, I know it's frustrating to be so young and to be more handicapped by the pain than a 90 year old! I'm fresh out of surgery, just had a lap to remove my ovaries and take down adhesions. This happened on Friday. I can't wait to talk to the doctor, all he told my husband and mother after the surgery is that I was a"mess" in there. I would like a little more specifics. Every pain I feel now I think "Oh no that's the adhesion pain back". It will take a while to know. I can't wait to get back to school. Apparently my students have "run off" 2 substitutes and are working really hard on the assistant. I need to be there for them. You know it's so funny that I was in less pain immediately after the surgery than before. I hope this works!!!! I'll say a prayer for you that you find a great doctor and that you do not have an obstruction! Take care of yourself! Jessica

toni welsh wrote:

> I was out for awhile, went to get some things for the aquarium we put up
> last night, you have to make sure evrything is okay andd there is
> bacteria in there before you can put any fish in the tank.
> I was hopng you all are okay. I feel like I need to talk to someone and
> everyone is gone. I never really have alot of time to read all the
> posts on here, and I feel like that I am bothering you all, I know we
> have all got ptoblems. But as of lately I have found myself bothered by
> the fact that I am 45 and feeling so bad, and as per say there is not
> really anything to say but that adhesions are taking over my life. I do
> worry where they are forming now, and NO dr will do a lap on me, due to
> the one in April was converted to laparotomy right away, and the one I
> had in August of 98 the whole thing failed, and rescheduled another
> laparotomy in Sept, I need to know what is going on, and so darn scared
> to call my gyn, to see abotu at leats discussing the surgery with the
> general surgeon he found in Noveember. The pain I am having was all
> down in the lower pelvis, and now it seems to be moving up higher. But
> I have never had a bowel obstruction, they have told me I am probably
> having partial small bowel obstructions when I have the VERY painful
> attacks I had had a couple of months ago. I wish there was a way the
> drs could find where the scar tissue is, and if it NEEDS to be taken
> care of. All my drs were upset in sept 98 when the transverse colon had
> fallen and was stuck to my pelvic floor, and the scar tissue I had
> develpoed after only 4 months after my last surgery, and that was alot
> of surgery in 5 months. So what do I do? I cannot put this on my
> husband right now so I try not complain to him. He had enough. I am
> sorry to go on so long, I do need to go, and I am thinking of you all.
> Thanks for listening, You friend
> Toni

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