is everyone okay?

From: toni welsh (
Tue Mar 21 13:41:15 2000

I was out for awhile, went to get some things for the aquarium we put up last night, you have to make sure evrything is okay andd there is bacteria in there before you can put any fish in the tank.

I was hopng you all are okay. I feel like I need to talk to someone and everyone is gone. I never really have alot of time to read all the posts on here, and I feel like that I am bothering you all, I know we have all got ptoblems. But as of lately I have found myself bothered by the fact that I am 45 and feeling so bad, and as per say there is not really anything to say but that adhesions are taking over my life. I do worry where they are forming now, and NO dr will do a lap on me, due to the one in April was converted to laparotomy right away, and the one I had in August of 98 the whole thing failed, and rescheduled another laparotomy in Sept, I need to know what is going on, and so darn scared to call my gyn, to see abotu at leats discussing the surgery with the general surgeon he found in Noveember. The pain I am having was all down in the lower pelvis, and now it seems to be moving up higher. But I have never had a bowel obstruction, they have told me I am probably having partial small bowel obstructions when I have the VERY painful attacks I had had a couple of months ago. I wish there was a way the drs could find where the scar tissue is, and if it NEEDS to be taken care of. All my drs were upset in sept 98 when the transverse colon had fallen and was stuck to my pelvic floor, and the scar tissue I had develpoed after only 4 months after my last surgery, and that was alot of surgery in 5 months. So what do I do? I cannot put this on my husband right now so I try not complain to him. He had enough. I am sorry to go on so long, I do need to go, and I am thinking of you all.

Thanks for listening, You friend Toni

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