Re: is everyone okay?

Sat Mar 25 19:52:39 2000

Hi, Toni. NEVER feel that no one listens! I have just been having such a busy, terrible time I haven't had time for e-mail. If it's knowing if you have a bowel obstruction or not that is bothering you, when I had mine, I definitely knew! The pain was 1000 times worse than (almost) anything I'd ever felt before. I couldn't roll over to my right side at all. I just layed there & cried. I also under stand your worry of just letting the adhesions "go wild" inside you. Mine have been that way for 5 1/2 years now. I know that it will get to the point where I'm no longer even licid, THAT'S when they'll do surgery. That or another bowel resection...whatever comes first. Ain't it a great life! We live around our pain & no one seems to really understand what that entails. No such thing as spontaneity (sp) anymore. Enough, I'm rambling. Later...Karla B.

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