From: toni welsh (
Tue Mar 21 09:58:44 2000

I have been alittle busy lately, and trying to help with my father in law, yesterday the drs put him on a cane, he is having trouble walking, and hi smemory is getting bad. Tomorrow I am going to go with them for his radiation treatments, me and my sister in law are trying to take turns.

As far as the pain I have been in, it seems for some reason now the pain is not just in the lower abdomen, now when I try to stretch my bady, the constricting pain is getting alot higher now too. I do not know why, but I am getting alittle worried baout it. I am extremely active, but I AM pushing myself, but when I crash I crash! I get to the point where my legs will carry me no further, I still am too afraid to go through the surgery, all my drs say it will take laparotomy, and I had a rough time after the last one in Sept 98. I know still I will probably go through it eventually, but i am wondering if I will take chances of losing part of bowels, and even the bladder, due to adheisons were all over large and small intestines, and also on the bladder, I am very much so in pain still, but keep pushing, I may be making it alot worse, but my nerves too are getting th ebest of me, and the smoking, I HAVE TO quit! Somehow! Then I may consider surgery after I am off the cigs a couple of months.

Take care , Toni

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