Re: Has anyone had a hysterectomy and have had Lupron shots for endo?

From: Karen Kaplan (
Wed Mar 8 19:18:47 2000

Peggy: no - no Lupron for me, and I am not sure I will ever take another hormonal drug. But, my pain is bearable with aspirin. I am also in surgical menopause (after 3 years of the first one!), and find drinking soy milk helps reduce the night sweats and hot flashes. Dandelion greens are also good for night sweats. So is wearing a v-neck Hanes t-shirt to bed. Good luck, Karen

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From: Peggy <> To: Multiple recipients of list ADHESIONS <> Sent: Wednesday, March 08, 2000 1:11 PM Subject: Has anyone had a hysterectomy and have had Lupron shots for endo?

> Hello Ladies,
> I was wondering if anyone has had a total hysterectomy and has had
> lupron injections for endo after the hysterectomy? I went for a second
> opionion for the pain in my left side and diarrhea as referred by my
> pain management Dr., And the gyn that I saw wants to do Lupron
> injections.I have posted this question on the endo forum but thought I
> would check here to see if anyone has done this. If so How bad are the
> side effects? I am already in surgical menopause having Hot Flashes,
> night sweats and migraines.I have talked to my primary care physician
> and he feels that I should go ahead with the Lupron because nothing else
> has resolved the pain.With all that I have read about Lupron I am very
> hesitant about doing this but I have had enough of this pain ,that I
> feel I should take the chance with hopes of it helping.My Primary care
> Dr. said that if this does not resolve the pain he wants to send me to
> a Dr. to have radiation therepy done to the area.Thanks for all your

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