Need advice

Wed Mar 8 11:28:51 2000

Hi all! I'm so glad I found you! Where else could I go to talk about gas and poop! :) It has been so helpful reading the posts, just knowing I'm not alone. I am trying to make it without surgery for adhesions. Was diagnoised last year w/ lap, have had them for 14 years. My family dr is encouraging me to not have surgery like the gyn suggested but she isn't helpful with alternatives. Which is best, a high fiber diet or a low residue diet? Also, every 2 weeks or so I have been using ducolax or milk of magnesia. I hate taking either and put it off as long as I can. It's weird but I have found that a bowl of oatmeal in the morning will sometimes help me go! :) What laxatives,etc. work the best for you? I tried metamucil cookies and fiber pills for a help. I'm chicken to try the drink. I use an OTC for gas... sometimes helps a little. I don't know what to do for pain, I manage it most days but I need something more for others. I take vioxx, it does little for adhesion pain but does seem to help the fibro. I used to take 4 advil every 4 hours when pain was bad but they told me not to do that anymore. My dr was of no help with gas and BM troubles. She said that she thought it was from nerves (made a fool of myself over a blood test! ). Ha! I really like her, she is very caring and always spends time with me but I just don't think she knows how to help me avoid surgery. Thanks! Carey

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