Re: spoke to GI dr

From: Karen Kaplan (
Wed Mar 8 19:18:48 2000

Ginni: who did the surgery on your friend? It must be a relief to have the date to look forward to. Karen

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> I just heard from a friend in Alaska who just had a laprascopic surgery
two > weeks ago and is doing very well. This was her third surgery this year
and I > my heart goes out to her. She e-mailed me about a new prescription
laxative > called Miralax. Just wondered if anyone else has tried this and what the
> results were. I cannot tolerate the fiber laxative and have to take many
> strong ones every day so when she said there was not cramping or pain with
> this I was very interested. Thanks for any info anyone may have. My
> thoughts are with every one and find so much strength in all your sharing.
> Thanks, Ginni
> PS I am finally scheduled for surgery on April 10th in California. One
more > month! Thanks to everyone who sent me all their good wishes, it means so
> much.

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