Re: Has anyone had a hysterectomy and have had Lupron shots for endo?

From: Robin (
Wed Mar 8 19:50:56 2000

Peggy, I had a total hysterectomy in 94. For about a year I was on hormon replacement treatment, different pills, upped doses, different stuff, finally I said that's enough! My family back ground with breast cancer was enough to get me off the hormones. My sister has found an estrogen cream, its like lotion. She gets it from the health food store. I have learned to addapt to the hot flashes, Its kinda nice during the winter when it is so cold. Keep a possitive additude!! Robin

At Wed, 8 Mar 2000, Peggy wrote: >
>Hello Ladies,
>I was wondering if anyone has had a total hysterectomy and has had
>lupron injections for endo after the hysterectomy? I went for a second
>opionion for the pain in my left side and diarrhea as referred by my
>pain management Dr., And the gyn that I saw wants to do Lupron
>injections.I have posted this question on the endo forum but thought I
>would check here to see if anyone has done this. If so How bad are the
>side effects? I am already in surgical menopause having Hot Flashes,
>night sweats and migraines.I have talked to my primary care physician
>and he feels that I should go ahead with the Lupron because nothing else
>has resolved the pain.With all that I have read about Lupron I am very
>hesitant about doing this but I have had enough of this pain ,that I
>feel I should take the chance with hopes of it helping.My Primary care
>Dr. said that if this does not resolve the pain he wants to send me to
>a Dr. to have radiation therepy done to the area.Thanks for all your


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