spoke to GI dr

From: toni welsh (twelsh1@hotmail.com)
Wed Mar 8 08:34:59 2000

I finally got tired of trying to treat myself , I called the GI dr I went to last year, he takes care of my son, he has crohn"s disease. I told him about the episodes I have been having, and laxatives are not working. He told me to take FOUR tablespoons milk of magnesia a day, and he order me cytotec, he said it is a drug that cause alot of GI effects like diarreha, and I have to call him after 2 weeks, I have not gone yet, jst the cramping. I hope I di not have to take laxatives rest of my life. We will see, and if things are still the same, he will look into doing some tests to find out why I am constipated, I have IBS I know , but that is what he said, not sure what he will run.

Take care, Toni

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