abdomial adhesions

From: Robin (rmasse2333@aol.com)
Tue Mar 7 13:39:00 2000

I am 39 I have had 3 c-sections, a hysterectomy & 3 surgeries to remove scar tissue. I am in severe pain now, taking MS contin at night & about 4 vicodin aday along with my depression meds. I have suicidal pain right now, but I am going to give my MS Contin another day or two to build up in my system. My Dr told me that I was taking meds that a dying person would take, I told him I am dying. 2 years of almost continuos pain has aged me & if I dont get any help I would not live past the end of the year. I have found different drs to try, & have tried differnt meds to go along with my vicodin, but now, I look irratic because of all the different drs & meds. My PC wants me to go to detox, because he thinks I am addicted to my meds, he just doesnt understand that I am in sever pain. In the last 2 months, I cant really do anything. My husband & my kids are doing all the cooking & cleaning. One morning I got my own cup of coffee, the 10cup coffee crafe felt so heavy that I almost droped it. I dont want to take pain meds, I want a Dr to fix me. I want my life back!! I would like to find a dr that would do surgery on me using one of the adhesion barriers. There is not one in New Mexico.


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