Re: when to decide on surgery

Tue Mar 7 13:24:07 2000

Toni: First of all, you are NOT stupid. I don't know what an ileus is, either. I read all kinds of medical terminologies on this forum & I've never heard of probably 75% of them. Secondly, I think it was Karen that said you have a right to your records! Don't let them force you into a corner. Fight them!! IT'S YOUR RIGHT!!! Here in NY they charge uyou by the page just for the copying, but it's worth it. I know where you're coming from, I just recently acquired a new backbone. My dr even to me I had to be more assertive & don't take no for an asnwer. Please don't take offense to my using "backbone", that's just how I perceive it.

Blessed Be, Karla B.

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