Re: Lasers

Tue Mar 7 15:53:50 2000

Susan: Keep the Faith! I'm sure many of us, on this forum, have chosen to "live" w/the pain & do the best we can; which is VERY hard! I also mimic Karen on her advice to go to the streets. I've found that a very little everyday of an illegal plant can reduce the nauseau & vomiting. By dr isn't happy about it, but she doesn't live in my body.

And Karen, laudanum is an opiate base drug which means it belongs in w/opium & morphine. The only drawback is constipation. I'm now on fiorocet for pain (have been on Darvocet years ago for quite a while). When I take the pain meds, I also take senokot an hour or 2 after. Also, I'm taking 2 to 3 HEAPING tablespoons of Metamucil every day. I try to get as much ruffage (salads) in me as I possibly can.

Susan, I hope and pray that you find at least some relief for your pain. The streets ARE NOT SAFE! I had a friend get murdered in he street a year ago 1/18. I've also had a friend that tells her dr she's going to the street if her dr won't cooperate. I don't know if I'd go thayt far. But be assertive, you have the right to live as pain free as possible. And your tolerance for pain meds will get to the point where you can take them, even if it's only half of one, and not be groggy or drowsy. I take the pain meds almost everyday & all I notice is my equilibrium is a tad off. I can ;live w/that better than excrutiating pain!

Blessed Be To All. Karla B.

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