when to decide on surgery

From: toni welsh (twelsh1@hotmail.com)
Thu Mar 2 08:14:58 2000

I have been wondering and thinking of Karla N, or am I just missing the post, how is she doing. When to you think to opt to surgery is so hard, I am so scared. After the lsat one I had gotten sick, and developed an ileus, the op report said, but it resolved itself, I am stupid I guess did not know what that meant. When I have more time, I have read them again, and would like to post some of it here to see what some of you think from the report. My drs don't answer alot of questions, and the drs don;t want to give me any pictures, I am sort of afraid to ask for them, when I questioned them last time he onlky pointed out the scar tissue, and said the adheisons were over an inch thick all the way through the small and large intestines!'


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