Re: Toni: wishing drs would listen

Tue Mar 7 13:09:27 2000

Toni, DON'T GIVE UP!!! Please!! I've been living with this problem for quite some years now. My last surgery was in Nov. '94. The drs knew the adhesion were back & so did I. But I made up my mind to try & live with it. I went back to work (ha,ha) & have lost 3 jobs, but there was one tjob hat didn't jump allover me re the pain & how it makes you look (pale & drawn, etc.) Somedays I felt like Quasimodo looking for his bell tower. They knew I was in pain, they knew why. So don't give up!

It's hard, VERY HARD, to live this this but I WILL NOT let surgeons go in again until I'm a complete basket case. I just have to take the pain meds & my muscle relaxers daily. I've come to grips w/that. And the meds for the depression & anxiety. They've also started me on Levbid 0.375 mg. (Hyosscyamine: generic name) for gass pain & bloating due to IBS & spactic colon. I take that twice/day when the bloating gets too painful, she doesn't want me to just take it daily. She explained, when I told her I had Phazyme @ home, that any over the counter gas remedy work only on the upper gas, not intestinal gas. The Levbid does! Now if I can only get her to realize that EVERYDAY is an adventure in pain; that the bloating is there everyday, the pain is there everyday, the gas is there everyday.

I don't believe that the drs can help me @ this point; they can only make it worse. I do worry re finding a job I can live on. Thinking re having a home-based business. That way I can lay down any time I want & I won't have to worry about what other people are thinking of me. "When a door is closed on you, God opens a window." But He works in His time, not in ours. I going to wait to find that window...

Blessed Be, Toni Karla B.

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