Re: Coping without surgery

From: toni welsh (
Mon Jan 31 11:58:59 2000

At Mon, 31 Jan 2000, wrote: >
>I don't know for sure what surgery you need but try to avoid a laperatomy at
>all costs. I too was told that this was the type of surgery I needed and was
>even told that to do it laparoscopically was impossible, but in doing
>research found that many doctors do not know what is possible. I found in
>doing research that the least invasive the surgery was the better for
>adhesions. I had to travel across the country to find a doctor who could do
>it, but they are out there! Do some more research before you let anyone cut
>you. I believe some doctors don't know the procedures, don't want to learn
>them or are just not skilled enough to do them so they opt for the easy way
>out for them. This is your body, your life and even if it takes more time
>and opinions made absolutely sure this is right for you. Sorry to preach,
>but I found this out theard way and really believe in the laparascopic
>approach. You are worth the best care. Ginni

Thank you Ginni and Peggy, I have been told this by so many doctors here in Cinti, and even dr semertzidies does them all laparotomy, I know that the large incision causes more adhesions, I am aware of this, just do not know where to turn.

I am ahving trouble trying to understand the pain I have had for the last two days, it was so much better, at least I could do things. I have suffered alot the last 2 days. And the pain clinic says there is no more they can do with meds. I am still on oxycontin, neurotin, and trazadone, and they added ativan for my nerves. That was my pcp did that! I am so tired of all of this! BUT THANK YOU GIRLS!


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