Re: Coping without surgery

From: toni welsh (
Mon Jan 31 09:53:41 2000

At Thu, 27 Jan 2000, Richard Hagen wrote: >
>I know I haven't written much. My wife needs a new pain
>doctor for pain meds and to keep her motivated in fighting
>the ARD. We are still waiting to hear if surgery is
>available. Meanwhile she suffers greatly.
>We were unable to connect with Dr.Reich when we were in New
>York plus she most likely needs a full surgery and not a lap
>with a scope. The clinic in New Orleans never got back to
>me. We have been made into pariahs locally and it is very
>hard to keep a PCP. I don't know what to do anymore. It's
>like we are at an impasse and nothing will happen unless it
>is life and death and then it most likely will be just
>another two years of suffering and more doctors. Dr.
>Semertzides has not responded as of late. He was the last
>surgeon to work on her. He was going to arrange surgery
>where he could use the interceed. But no info.
>We tried the nerve blocks, pain clinics, pain doctors,
>physical therapy ,now its viceral manipulation. I still feel
>that we are just wasting our money on unknowledgeable

Hi , are you all from cinti ohio? I saw dr semertzidies last year, and I was not impressed of all the surgery he planned for me. He said I woulld need at least 5-6, now my gyn found a general surgeon who would work with the gyn in surgery, I too definitely was told by 4 drs, I will need a laparotomy for sure!

I f you are from cinti, let me know where!

Toni >Its hopeless.

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