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From: Peggie (
Tue Jan 25 14:39:24 2000

At Tue, 25 Jan 2000, Peggie wrote: >
>Hi all! In cruising the web, I came across your site, and it appears
>that I have finally found the answer . . . I hope. Although there is
>no cure (and the hope of treatment through the gel rejected by the FDA
>in 1/12 is now dashed), at least an answer is better than "it's in all
>your head" or "it's irritable bowel."
>After reading volumes of material over the last couple of weeks, I
>believe that adhesions may well be my problem too. Here's the short
>4/86 - appendectomy
>6/90 - c-section
>3/98 - left tubal pregnancy ("resolved" w/methrotrexate - no
> invasive surgery - Dr.'s word "resolve" -- nice,
> huh?!)
>6/98 - pain begins in left lower quadrant
>many, many, many trips to different drs. in last year and 1/2
>finally, in 7/99 laproscopy performed - apparent 4 inch mass of adhesion
>on left tube removed and additional mass (don't know how much) on right
>YEAH - Pain free for a whole 6 weeks!
>But, it came back, and in the last 2 weeks, its worse then ever -
>affecting bladder and bowel function! Major lower back pain, nausea, and
>same old lower left quadrant pain, but with some fun "Stabbing pain"
>episodes mixed in!
>Also appear to have symptoms of Interstitial Cystitis (going to
>urologist 2/5) - but not sure if adhesions doing the mimic or not?
>(symptoms include frequency, pressure, pain (sharp stabbing in lower
>left and achy, etc.)
>Visit to gyn who did lap on 1/12 only produced a "sorry, their working
>on advances every day for adhesions" (obviously, he hadn't gotten the
>press release yet!) and a prescription for ponstel (which obviously
>hasn't worked - and he knew it wouldn't - there was no endometriosis
>found during the lap) - oh yeah, and about my 10th scrip in 2 years for
>antiobotics for WBC's in urine -"but you don't have a UTI -it's just a
>precaution" whatever that
>means . . .now 2 cultures later, "negative" but still have symptoms
>Anyway, originally I thought maybe ARD didn't apply to me cuz I didn't
>really have discomfort after open surgeries in '86 and '90 - but I
>really do believe the ectopic caused all of this - it's pretty
>coincidential that my pain started w/in 3 mos after that -- Another
>thought, do you see a pattern of inheritence here? Could any of your
>family members (parents) fit the symptomology? When my mom had her
>hystorectomy in '81, she apparently had bowel, liver, diaphragm and all
>sorts of other adhesed organs that took an extra several hours that the
>dr. didn't count on. But lucky her, no pain. Wonder why?
>I Still want to follow up w/urologist cuz in addition to the treatment
>of the ectopic with methotrexate (let me tell you -- that is the most
>WICKED drug ever- I don't think I have ever had soo much pain!), I had
>the most painful experience in my life -- the tech did a "reverse fill"
>of the bladder through a catheter to be able to do an ultrasound to
>check on the ectopic for potential surgery and then left the bag hanging
>keeping my bladder full beyond capicity until he could go find the dr. -
>approx. 10 minutes ! and gee, he couldn't understand why I was BALLING
>when he returned! he though it was the emotion of the ectopic - No bud,
>major pain!
>Anyway, thanks for listening. If you have any comments or suggestions,
>please let me know at the above e-mail address or here -- I actually
>came looking for some pain management ideas, and your postings and site
>have been helpful! Thanks! I guess I should count my blessings and also
>get serious about my health -- I know my pain hasn't been completely
>dibilitating as some of yours has and I can still function, but stories
>like Christine's (my condolences to all her knew her) sure make me want
>to take control and be more forceful w/drs. (instead of leaving the
>office crying and feeling like a failure, again!) -
>Take care to all,

sorry for the typos above- oh, and the wrong e-mail address - if you have an words of wisdom, please send them to me at "" - thanks so much!

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