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From: JBrown (
Mon Jan 24 08:35:24 2000

Tara, I feel the same way as you do. As bad as I feel sometimes, there are some of you out there that suffer all the time, and it makes me feel lucky.

I am having a small bowel series done tomorrow. Not that it will show anything (that doesn't sound too negative does it). And then off to a gastroenterologist after that. I am going to have to get my aggressive voice out and just tell my doctor what I want.

I have been 2 weeks without an obstruction. Yeah. Hope you are successful with your specialist. Regards, Jane

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> I've been to see a doctor since my posting asking for advice. I did
> intend to see someone, but I had the feeling I would get the same
> diagnosis as I have for the past four years. I was right, of course.
> After sending me for X-rays, I got a call back telling me I was
> constipated - "Take a laxative suppository." Yeah, yeah, yeah. It never
> works, just makes me extremely nauseous. So I did it, then called the
> next day insisting I wanted to get something done about the underlying
> problem: adhesions. I told him it hurts all the time, not just when
> this happens - the bloated times just make it so much worse.
> He sent me to a surgeon, who seemed really nice! He's the first doctor I
> ever had that seemed interested in talking to me, in listening to me. He
> did explain that he wanted me to see a colon-rectal specialist first
> because he could go in and remove the adhesions, and there might still
> be another problem. He even drew a diagram for me, showing where my
> intestine was swollen, and where the adhesions which were causing the
> most problems were most likely located.
> I made sure to emphasize that I wanted the adhesions out - whatever they
> find out about the intestine. He seemed okay with all that, and he did
> tell me, on his way out, "Don't worry, you ARE sick, not crazy. And
> we're going to see what we can do about it for you."
> I see the specialist on Monday afternoon. Keeping my fingers crossed.
> And my boss has approved me for PTO - not much but some - so maybe I
> will actually be able to afford all the office visits and tests. Without
> losing my job, either.
> Wish me luck, and again, thank you so much to everyone for responding to
> my message. After reading so many of the stories ya'll have shared, I
> feel almost like a hypochondriac because, as bad as my situation is,
> it's certainly not the worst.
> Take care,everyone.

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