Helpful to her: Distraction (keeping busy), Positive thinking, and God - as a source of hope and answers.

From: Helen Dynda (
Mon Jan 24 10:48:40 2000

The following comments are from a letter, which I received this morning. I thought someone might benefit from the information which this lady shared with me.

"Neurontin is a life saver!!! I take it along with mt Methadone about 4 times a day. I take 2 (300 mg) tabs every 4 hours. And the Methadone totals 100mgs per day. The Neurontin settles the trapped nerve that we feel is still in the suture sight. I don't know if it would help a person with just the adhesion problem but it is worth a try as adhesions may cause nerve damage.

"Visceral manipulation was a joke, acupuncture was never okayed by my health plan, physical therapy was another joke. Pain classes were excellent - as it is so good to be with a group of others who are in pain also and there is much to learn about handling the pain. I found that the best therapy for me is distraction - keeping busy. By ALWAYS looking for the positive in my situation - this has also been helpful. God is another powerful place to go in search of answers and hope.

"The intestinal tune-up is also a life saver. An herbalist makes it up for me; and it taste awful but it works. Constipation should NEVER be a problem. Sometimes the stool is very hard from all the pain meds; so I use a glove and help to get it out. Never strain to push out the stool. It causes so many problems like fissures and hemorrhoids ( I've had it all ). Drinking lots of water helps also." from Joanne

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