Thanks for the advice...

From: Tara (
Sat Jan 22 23:08:46 2000

I've been to see a doctor since my posting asking for advice. I did intend to see someone, but I had the feeling I would get the same diagnosis as I have for the past four years. I was right, of course.

After sending me for X-rays, I got a call back telling me I was constipated - "Take a laxative suppository." Yeah, yeah, yeah. It never works, just makes me extremely nauseous. So I did it, then called the next day insisting I wanted to get something done about the underlying problem: adhesions. I told him it hurts all the time, not just when this happens - the bloated times just make it so much worse.

He sent me to a surgeon, who seemed really nice! He's the first doctor I ever had that seemed interested in talking to me, in listening to me. He did explain that he wanted me to see a colon-rectal specialist first because he could go in and remove the adhesions, and there might still be another problem. He even drew a diagram for me, showing where my intestine was swollen, and where the adhesions which were causing the most problems were most likely located.

I made sure to emphasize that I wanted the adhesions out - whatever they find out about the intestine. He seemed okay with all that, and he did tell me, on his way out, "Don't worry, you ARE sick, not crazy. And we're going to see what we can do about it for you."

I see the specialist on Monday afternoon. Keeping my fingers crossed. And my boss has approved me for PTO - not much but some - so maybe I will actually be able to afford all the office visits and tests. Without losing my job, either.

Wish me luck, and again, thank you so much to everyone for responding to my message. After reading so many of the stories ya'll have shared, I feel almost like a hypochondriac because, as bad as my situation is, it's certainly not the worst.

Take care,everyone.

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