Quitting Smoking

From: godfrey (godfrey@doubled.com)
Sun Jan 23 15:29:44 2000

Jaynie, For what it's worth, I quit smoking in one fell swoop 6 years ago via hypnosis. I live in the Northern Virginia area and attended a a group hypnosis session. The hypnotist was a man named "Wesselton". I do not know if you have anything like this in your area, but it worked for me. I have never had another cigarrette since, and I was up to two packs a day when I went in to the session. I was NOT ready. I had not 'weaned myself'. I was a mess, and all I did was tell myself to be open minded and give it a chance to work for me if it could.

NOT ONCE in SIX YEARS have I ever even tried a cigarette again. No cravings, either.

Think about it.



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