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Sun Jan 23 15:51:43 2000

I am interested in the procedure Jayne! And I think that whenever one of the memebers trys something new, it sure is worth while to follow that. I know you are suffering, and like Helen, I think your on the right track with the DR. Have you thought of discussing with her the procedure that DR. Reich uses for his adhesiolysis or the possibility of just getting to Dr, Reich for an adhesiolysis and try to take care of this once and for least your best chance to take care of it!! I do not know your medical history, but I am sure that you can draw some conclusions as to your adhesional involvment...have you secured any of your operative reports to study your ARD involement? What have you been doing for yourself as far as taking some control of your case? please feel free to keep in touch, Jayne, Helen, Anne, and mosr of the IAS memebers are certainly interested in you and the outcome of what is done to and for you.....hang in there and keep your chin up as thuings are slowly getting better for the ARD sufferer! In friendship, Bev

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> Jaynie, You mentioned that Dr.Barbara Levy is a member of the Women's
> Surgery Group - of which Dr. Harry Reich is also a member. Are you
> aware that Dr. Levy is also a physician member of the International
> Pelvic Pain Society?
> >From what I have read about both sites, I would say that her association
> with both the Women's Surgery Group and the International Pelvic Pain
> Society means that you have a physician who is doing her utmost to be of
> help to people, such as yourself, who suffer from chronic pelvic pain. I
> hope that you will be successful as you pursue the therapy she has
> suggested for you!!
> If you haven't taken a look at the information at the International
> Pelvic Pain Society, please do.
> ** International Pelvic Pain Society - click:
> 1.) Newsletters
> 2.) Resources
> 3.) Physician Members
> ** Women's Surgery Group - For names of Women's Surgery Group physicians
> - Click: WSG Physicians
> - - - - - - - - -
> At Sun, 23 Jan 2000, Jaynie Jarvis wrote:
> >
> >let you know ow it goes. And if it works she must have a book that says
> >who else does it all over the country. I have posted about this not to
> >long ago if you want to know more I wrote some of the brochure on it.
> >She will be going in my vagina and possible in my anus. Still better
> >than surgery. And Dr. Barbara Levy referred me to her. She is a
> >member of Dr. Riechs' Group. Suppose to be painless. I doubt that. I
> >am a massage therapist and I believe massage should be a part of all our
> >treatment plans.If only for touch. We all need touch and if your like
> >me not much touching going on around here. It would be nice to get a
> >respones to my posts. Sometimes I feel invisable on this forum. Poor
> >Me syndrome !!! God Bless You All Jaynie

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