How to Quit Smoking...and Quit for Keeps >> for Jaynie...and others

From: Helen Dynda (
Sun Jan 23 15:11:51 2000

Jaynie, According to your message from January 4, 2000, you said that your doctor (Dr. Barbara Levy) told you that "90% of her pelvic pain patients are heavy smokers!"

Then you said, "I have wanted to quit for years. My Doc. always said it wasn't a good time. Well there are always going to be deaths - and hopefully not pain in our lives. So there is no good time. I'm ready. Since 2 years ago when this all started, I have really been smoking alot."

"She (Dr. Barbara Levy)said she has seen lots of women who have adhesions and endo - who have no pain." Is it possible that smoking contributes to chronic pain?

The following AMA website offers help for people who have made a decision to quit smoking - in order to improve their health. Perhaps the following information will help you to be able to quit smoking.

If you are able to quit smoking and notice a definite decrease in your pain level,I hope that you will share your success at the IAS forum. It won't be easy, but with the right motivation (less pain) it will be worth it, Jaynie!! Good Luck!!

** How to Quit Smoking...and Quit for Keeps

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