Re: Quitting Smoking

From: godfrey (
Wed Jan 26 10:31:10 2000

Bev, I don't post much as I am more along the Igor lines. I am in to positive thinking. I discovered that the more I focused on how badly I felt...the worse I became. Kind of like a self-fulfilling prophesy. I read somewhere that you will find 'what you are looking for'. I wonder how many of the board suffer more because they are personally unhappy. I say this as I have noticed that I had more problems when I was lonely and had a lot of time on my hands to focus on me. Now, I am involved in a lot of community service projects, and I do not notice 1/10th the probolems. No, I am not cured. I still have twinges and glitches, but I am not living for them. I am living for ME. I had the best Thanksgiving and Christmas I have had in 12 years this past holiday. I made ALL my own gifts along with the kids. I have friends and a social life. I went caroling, baked, and have a Girls Scout Troup. Things are MUCH better. I had a choice. I could continue to see the dark cloud, or I could focus on the silver lining and pray and trust for sunshine. I have been reading a lot of books which are 'spiritual' in nature, and find I am praying more, and trusting God more. I like Igor. I think that some of the women on the board 'ran him off' through their own fear and narrow-mindedness. I think he was a breath of fresh air. He is willing to long-distance 'coach me' through a personal 'transformation'. He sent me a HUGE questionaire for information. This blew me away with his generousity of spirit. It showed me how much of his time he was willing to devote to a stanger...connected only by e-mail and spirit. I felt that I could not return his questionaire until I did some prep-work on my end first. I have to put in at LEAST as MUCH as He is willing to commit. WOW! a total stranger had more FAITH and BELIEF in me than I did!! Not anymore! I still check the board and read the posts. It has a purpose. I appreciate all the updates --Helen is a wonder. I also think it is a wonderful haven for people who have had the wind knocked out of them by adhesions. So, Bev, this is where 'I have been' lately. Thanks for the "I missed you." Have a super deluxe 'goody' of a day.



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