Re: gyn found a surgeon

From: Kimmi (
Sat Jan 22 22:17:31 2000

Toni, Hi sorry to heard about your father in law hugs and prayers. I know how scary the prospects of another surgery can be.Especially when they have taken out all they can and now it only leaves important organs and intestines. I deal with weight issues all the time. My lowest has been 89lbs and needless to say the doctors were not happy about this. The eating disorder came from living in so much pain.Eating caused pain,and pain caused no eating its a vicious cycel. Have they placed you on any special diets to help gain your weight back. Also they placed me on Elavil for the Fibromyalgia which is also a drug used to help with eating disorders and it did help to bring my weight back up into the 90's I am still very thin but not as low as I was. When your weight drops even lower the pain of the adhesions and everything will get worse,your body is breaking down from the weightloss. Anyways if you decide to have the surgery we are here for you. I am going to be seeing a pelvic surgeon next month for my 13th surgery. I know it will cure my problem and it may only be a temp solution but for me its one I am willing to take to be out of pain just a little bit. I am now on so much medications to try and help control my pain levels,and that is not even working anymore,those horrible adhesions have moved on to everything in my body now.. I do feel sorry for any person who has to deal with this..Hugs and prayers Kimmi..btw we spoke oh gosh about 2 years ago on the endo boards..remember?

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