gyn found a surgeon

From: toni welsh (
Fri Jan 21 06:57:52 2000

I have not been able to be here much right now. I was in total shock to hear about Christine, and am so very sorry to hear this. Some drs do not understand us!

I had to bring my handicapped sister to the gyn Mon, and he asked me about my decision, about more surgery, he said he found a general surgeon who woud operate, and and he would be able to assist him in lysing adhesions. I have been still not ablle to eat and the dr saw that I was down to 93 lbs, and he had a fit. I had to get back with him.

In the mean time we have found out my father in law, his cancer has come back, he was diagnosed with lung and liver cancer a year and 4 months ago. He has been taking chemo for the whole time, and they said 5 months ago he was cleared up, miracle but it would return. I did call the gyn and talked to him last night and told him what we are dealibg with and I do not want to put anymore on my husband, not at the moment.

Two weeks ago he had a seizure while shopping, and they out him in the hospital for 3 tests, and said that the cancer has returned and is definitely in the lymph nodes, and liver too, but they found two small spots in the brain, and they are so small right now, they will do another MRI in a few weeks, and they will know for sure if it is in the brain,a dn if it is I know what we are in for, the gyn said he feels the same way but to please keep in touch with him, and if I cannot tolerate the pain, PLEASE let him know.

I have been having weird bouts of severe pain which started on New Years Day, aand they got so severe I was about to call 911. I had been taking senkot for days, and could not go, and when I would try to, I had severe pain doubling me over with the pressure so bad in the left side of the colon ,and I was supposed to be going out with my husband I told him a noon I HAVE to go, and the pressure finally got so bad I could not stand up, and I did not want to tell my husband, but finally after 3-4 hours I was able to go, and the pain was so bad all day from trying to go. I did not understand this pain being so hard, it was NEVER like that!

I am now extremely scared to go under surgery again, now the gyn even said Toni, all we have now to work with is seprafilm, but the general surgeon he is talking baout had a patient with crohns who had at least 5-6 surgeies, and she needed a hhsterectomy, and the gyn and sirgeon worked together and she seem s to be doing fine, and she was full of adhesions.

He knows how fast I developed extensive and densse adhesions 4 months after he took the last ovary, so I am afraid. Need alittle advice now! I have missed you all, one our computer died, and finally got a new one, and I am having little time now. I ahve been thinking of ALL of you!

Toni Frozen in Ohio!

Sorry this is SO long

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