Seeing a New Surgeon

From: Kimmi (
Sat Jan 22 22:22:09 2000

Hi Everyone. I have an appt with a New Pelvic Surgeon at New England Medical in Boston. He is suppose to be one of the top people in his field. I am really praying he will do something anything to elevate some of this pain. I am also going to honestly beg him to do a surgery. I know he like all others are going to be reluctent to operate on me. Since you know we fall into that stupid catch 22. Operate to remove adhesions/operate to create new adhesions. Anyways this will be my 13th surgery if he agrees. I really want him to do this I need to be taken out of some of this pain,between the adhesion problems and everything they have me on so much medications to just to try and get me up and out of bed,but all this medicine is not working very well. I am absolutely dieing in pain,and well I hoping to get a little feed back on how I could possible give this surgeon a little nudge if he needs one to operate.Any ideas???

Hugs Kimmi

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